Laser Dentistry in Campbell, CA

Laser Dentistry in Campbell, CA

Laser dentistry refers to dental treatments and procedures performed using laser light instead of traditional drills or instruments like scalpels. Soft tissue lasers seal nerve endings as they’re cut and prevent injury or bleeding during the procedure. Lasers are commonly used for cosmetic procedures like whitening but can also be used for more complex treatments. 

At Dr. Namching J. Young, DDS, the laser dentistry procedures we offer are less invasive and require less recovery than traditional dental work. When the dentist recommends a laser procedure for your teeth, it’s typically because the process is more comfortable for you and will reduce the risk of complications following treatment. 


With so many dental lasers on the market, many dentists opt for lasers that only target soft or hard tissue, depending on the dental conditions they most regularly treat in their offices. Some lasers can be tuned for more thorough care to influence hard and soft tissue.

Solea® is designed to treat tooth enamel, soft tissue, and bone without requiring laser wavelength modifications. Solea®, as an isotropic CO2 laser, differs from traditional carbon dioxide lasers that only treat gums or dental lasers that remove decaying dental enamel. Solea® is the first laser of its kind to be FDA-approved for a broad range of uses.

Solea Sleep®

Solea Sleep is a game-changing new technique in the rapidly evolving field of dental sleep medicine. Solea Sleep is a simple, quick, and comfortable 5-minute laser therapy that gives snoring patients immediate relief. Solea Sleep is a non-invasive, patient-friendly procedure with no post-treatment discomfort or downtime. 

A novel application of Solea's specialized wavelength enables the laser to softly and swiftly tighten collagen fibers of soft palate tissue in a single 5-minute session. The soft palate tissue that has been tightened widens the airway and minimizes vibrations that cause patients to snore and disrupt their sleep.

Laser Snore Therapy

Laser is used in snoring treatment to tighten tissues such as the soft palate, uvula, tonsillar fossae, and the base of the tongue, which are located near the back of the throat. The laser emits a type of light that is absorbed by the tissue's water to produce heat. The heat causes the creation of collagen fibers, which tighten the tissue. 

Because it is a non-ablative procedure, no tissue is destroyed. Tightened tissues result in less vibration and movement during sleep, which minimizes snoring.

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